Protein Bar is healthy and convinient protein bar, that hepls you maintain your metabolism at high level even between meals. It makes easier to control your weight and energy level throughout the day.

Pro Protein Bar from FA Core® line is the protein for your muscle and stable blood sugar level, so you have proper glucose level and don’t feel the hunger. Moreover, this protein bar contains whole nuts and is covered with delicious white or dark chocolate!

Protein Bar is a bar, that you can always have with you! It ensures constant delivery of the highest quality protein and tastes great! Special formula of the bar contains 25 g of protein in each 80 g serving.

Protein bars are meal replacement products and a convenient way to provide your body with proper nutrients. Because of its form, it’s easy to carry and consume at any time and situation. It is an ideal solution for physically and mentally active people, that look for tasty and nutritious snack that supports body during intensive workout, sport competition, work or calorie restrocted diet. It can be consumed at work, at school, on the way and after the workout.

Pro Bar:

  • tasty, nutritious and low calorie snack
  • convenient supplement that lets you provide your body with protein and calories when you travel, work, study or train
  • ideal for man and woman trying to shape healthy and fit physique
  • 25 g of protein in every serving
  • tasty way to satisfy your daily protein needs
  • healthy replacement for normal meal
  • indispensable in every sportsman diet