Key ingredients of Mass


carbelac_logo.jpgCarbelac® - whey protein concentrate (WPC). The most universal of proteins used in Mass, as far as time and duration of absorption is concerned. Its digestion starts approx. 30 minutes after consumption and lasts for 2-3 hours. Its the main building material for your muscle in Mass protein mix. Longer digestion time protects body from catabolism.


isolac_logo.jpgIsolac® - whey protein isolate (WPI). Whey protein that goes through microfiltration and ultrafiltration processes. Contains nearly 90g of pure protein per 100g. It doesn’t contain any carbohydrates or fats. Along with Optipep™ improves insulin response. Whey protein isolate, as well as hydrolisate, that is best to take after waking up and directly after workout due to its high bioavalability. WPI and WPH works great together, because hydrolisate is absorbed a bit faster than isolate, so amino acids are longer available in the bloodstream. Due to its high bioavailability and influence on insulin secretion, body can transform WPI/WPC into muscle glycogen. This can occur, when you don’t refill glycogen reservoir after the workout. This transformation is especially desirable during reduction, because body can restore valuable energy substrate without taking carbohydrates.  But it’s not good news for physique athlete, who wants to improve muscle mass, because part of digested protein is spend on muscle glycogen restoration. That’s why Mass contains milk protein isolate (MPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC), which provides the best solution for that problem.


optipep_logo.jpgOptipep™  – pre-digested whey protein concentrate (WPH). Contains di- and tripeptides from 85% whey protein. Due to hydrolyzation process, proteins don’t need to be „cut” into free-form amino acids, which shortens time, the product stays in intestines. WPH contains about 20g of BCAA per 100g. According to scientific research, Optipep™ ensures the fastest absorption (amino acids get to the bloodstream in 10 minutes after consumption) and improves insulin response, which allows better transport of other active ingredients. Insulin levels during three hours after consumption of Optipep™ are 43% higher, compared to normal whey protein, which improves absorption of hydrolisate and other active ingredients provided at the same time.  It means, that more of active ingredients like creatine or carbohydrates go into the muscle! That’s why whey hydrolisate is recommended for patients with diabetes (after consulting the doctor). The most important uality of Optipep™ is its unbeatable rate if ingestion and highest bioavailability. This protein fraction is suitable for consuming first thing in the morning and directly after the workout – in all situations wher fast protein resynhesis is needed to protect body from catabolic state.


pepto_pro_logo.jpgPeptoPro® - hydrolyzed milk protein isolate (MPH). One of the most advanced protein available on the market, with great quality, short absorption time and aminogram typical for casein. PeptoPro® is patented formula of enzymes, so it doesn’t have sour taste typical for hydrolysated products. It allows manufacturers to prepare protein supplements that tastes great. Moreover, thanks to enzymatic hydrolisation technology, the final product is rich in di- and tripeptides, doesn’t contain lactose and fats and iv soluble even in cold water. Di- and tripeptides, due to their structure can be absorbed quickly and provided to working muscle only minutes after consumption. It completes whey isolate and hydrolisate as far as absorption time is concerned, but provide slightly different amino acid profile.