Key ingredients of Gluta

L-Glutamine – a few facts

  • stimulates muscle protein synthesis by up regulating nitrogen balance.
  • increases level of anabolic and mood enhancing hormones (it’s clinically proven, that just 2 g of glutamine taken orally increased growth hormone level, regardless to patient’s age).
  • reduces muscle catabolism during and after the workout.
  • increases aerobic endurance due to quick resynthesis of muscle glycogen.
  • decreases time needed for muscle regeneration.
  • lowers the risk of getting sick by improving (along with Beta Glucan) immune system.
  • protects from overtraining during prolonged training protocols with heavy weights, (level of blood glutamine is great marker of anabolic state.
  • lowers the risk of impairing immune system during prolonged creatine cycles. Prolonged creatine use can reduce levels of vitamin C and magnesium.
  • increases volume of muscle cells due to water retention. It works in synergy with creatine, increasing its anabolic effect.

Combination of pure L-glutamine with its more stable forms leads to greater bioavailability of Gluta.

Glutamine Alpha-ketoglutarate

Conjunction of L-glutamine molecule with supporting molecule of Krebs cycle: alpha-ketoglutarate. This conjunction increases energy of the compound and absorption of L-glutamine in the body. Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is active compound of amino acids metabolism which of course includes L-glutamine. Moreover, as a supporting molecule of Krebs cycle (metabolic cycle in which ATP (adenosine-5'-triphosphate), AKG itself is important energy donor for working muscles. Above that AKG supports L-glutamine in process of removing ammonia, unwanted byproduct of protein metabolism. It’s important part of supplementation for people eating large amounts of protein (more than 2.2 g of protein per kg of body weight) which can lead to creating acid environment in the body, especially when no vegetables are consumed. Gluta protects from that by neutralizing ammonia.


Conjunction of L-glutamine molecule with acetic acid in the process of acetylation. Addition of acetyl-L-glutamine to Gluta improved overall rate of absorption which is particularly important when the product is used just after the workout. The quicker we deliver anticatabolic and anabolic agents, the better results we will get. Acetylation of L-glutamine allows its molecules to diffuse freely into body cells, including muscle cells that lose the most of L-glutamine during the workout (glutamine is about 60% of muscle cell mass). Acetyl-L-Glutamine doesn’t need transport protein, which normally is necessary to transport amino acid through cellular membrane into the cell. Free penetration of cell membrane saves time and lowers the use of L-glutamine in other processes. Acetyl-L-glutamine is also indirect source of energy for brain.  It can easily pass blood-brain barrier into the brain, where it can be transformed into glutamic acid, neurotransmitter with slightly stimulating effect. Moreover we added taurine which also is a CNS stimulant and enhances energizing effect of Gluta. When taking Gluta you can a feeling of stimulation, which is much needed when you have to train after full day at work


Up regulates immunological response of the body by activating cells of immune system, mainly macrophages and NK cells. Because of L-glutamine effect on gammaglobulines regeneration, addition of beta-glucan increases efficiency of immune system. Intensive resistance or aerobic workout session may degenerate protein immune proteins which can lead to viral or bacterial infections. You can’t think only about anabolic state. Take care of your health and it will pay off, allowing to train and make progress without breaks caused by illnesses.


Amino acid that enhance the transport of active compounds into muscles by modulating insulin pathway. Moreover, along with acetyl-L-glutamine, it provides the feeling of energy without anxiety or overstimulation of CNS. It also works as antioxidant, protecting you from malicious effects of free radicals produced during the oxidative stress that is the effect of intensive and long-lasting effort.

Dipotassium phosphate

Stabilizer and neutralizer of stomach environment. It controls acid-base homeostasis acting like a buffering compound. It enhances the absorption of pure L-glutamine that can be unstable in acid environment in stomach.